Virtual dice rolls have never been easier.

The Sessions Dice Roller is a new, free online virtual dice roller. Create an account and roll to victory today!

Look at these amazing features

Character Sheets Create you characters with the built in stat sheet, optimized for the Genesys Role Playing System.
Mobile Friendly Sign in on your mobile device with any browser. It’s made to work on even the smallest smart phones.
Easy to Use Just touch the dice you want to add to the tray. Want to remove them? I bet you can guess what to do.
Pass Dice GMs or players can create links to pass dice on to other players. No more guessing which dice to roll.
Copy Link Share your roll with your play-by-post group. Or your friends. Or your mom. Or your dog. You get the idea.
Roll History No fudging dice rolls here. A full history of your live rolls will be available for all to see.

Coming soon: Sessions Play-By-Post App

Get notified when the Sessions Play-By-Post app launches. It’s going to be so cool. (Don’t worry. No spam emails from us.)