Update Log

Version 0.12.0

In Progress (2020-04-03)
  • Game Table for live play
  • Homepage redesign

Version 0.11.2


Character critical injury rolling support! - No more needing to roll a basic d100 and go lookup what crit you are inflicting on your PCs! Have them roll a crit directly from the bot. Crit rolling takes into account the current number of crits on your character and automatically adds that modifier to your roll. See the character help .c help for details.

Larger Dice Icons - Discord allows for larger emojis when a message only contains emoji! The updates are built in such a way that will prevent the messages from getting out of order, even when several commands are issued at once! If you still prefer the old way, you can change that by setting Dice Size to Regular in your Game settings.

Bug Smashing - We smashed another 16 bugs that had popped up in the previous couple of weeks, helping to provide an even better experience!

Version 0.11.1

  • Party vehicle support in discord!
  • Added .v commands to discord bot for managing party vehicles. Does your group have a sweet ride? Now you can link it to your game and manage it through discord!
  • Run .v help to see all the available vehicle commands. Manage your trauma, strain, and speed through the discord bot! Even use the handy damage command to take into account vehicle armor when applying trauma!
  • Character vehicle support in discord!
  • Added .cv commands to discord for managing character's vehicle
  • Run .cv help to see all the available commands!

Version 0.11.0


Rebuilt character sheets! We rebuilt them from the ground up, updating the page designs to make things cleaner, but more importantly expandable, which plays a huge roll in the upcoming NPC library! Character Sheets now also are displayed using the correct theme from the Game Type selected.

Genesys Talent Trees can now be expanded to an infinite length! There will always be an empty row at the bottom of the tree for you to add more talents! We also removed the rules of filling the tree in the order specified from the book since our goal is to be flexible, not necessarily enforce the rules.

Characters and Vehicles can now be cloned! Clone your own characters or your friends characters with a simple click of a button using technology in no way stolen from Kamino.

Support for Super Characteristics! Genesys character sheets now support super characteristics! Select super to mark a characteristic as such. This integrates with the discord bot so when you roll with a skill based on this super characteristics and roll a triumph, the bot will automatically add the additional dice for you! Super!

Support for Heroic Abilities Genesys Terrinoth character sheets now support Heroic Abilities and tracking Ability Points! Now your character can be extra heroic as they charge into battle!

Easy Wound/Strain Management If you've ever wanted to adjust the current wounds or strain of your characters extra quickly, now you can! On characters you own, there are now quick toggles for increasing or decreasing these values without needing to go into edit mode.

Add dice modifiers to skills! Now you can add all sorts of extra dice and modifiers to your skills. These extra dice will be included when you roll that skill from the discord bot!

Formatted Notes! The notes section supports basic formatting similar to discord chat. We've added support for bold, italic, strikethrough, quotes, lists, and tables! Based on feedback, we may bring this to other fields in addition to adding other formatting options. Available on both Character and Vehicle sheets!

Dark Theme! Tired of going from the sweet darkness of Discord to the blinding brillance of RPG Sessions? Well, now you can enable dark mode in your profile, keeping your eyes safe without toning down that brillant goodness.

Manage XP through Discord Simplify managing XP by doing it directly through the RPG Sessions Discord bot! You can view, add and remove XP using the new XP command for your selected character. Adding XP increases both your available XP and total XP, removing XP only decreases your available XP. Easy!

Several Other Smaller Updates! Honestly there are so many but freshly designed input fields, improved error messages on fields, and a redesigned login page are some of our favorites!

Version 0.10.0 - Vulturous Vehicles

  • Updated site navigation
  • New Vehicles site area
  • Create/Edit/Share your own vehicle creations

Version 0.9.0

  • Discord bot rewrite (additional system expansion capability)
  • Add fuzzy search capability to reduce friction from misspellings
  • Added .{command} syntax for triggering bot
  • Standardized user input processing in several places
  • Added destiny point rolling
  • Standardized help menus in a way we believe looks and feels better
  • Separate Discord bot API from main site API
  • Security Updates and Fixes
  • Database query speed improvements
  • Significant unit tests added for improved stability between releases

Version 0.8.0 - Ruinous Repartee

  • New basic game management features
  • Link games with Discord servers
  • Link user profile with Discord profile
  • New RPGSessions Discord bot
  • Discord bot dice integrations
  • Discord bot character integrations
  • Discord bot initiative tracker
  • Discord bot destiny/story point tracker

Version 0.7.5

  • Fix issue of skills spilling over when creating multiple characters

Version 0.7.4

  • Pull update logs from project milestones

Version 0.7.3

  • Update core project dependencies to latest

Version 0.7.2

  • Fix talent sheet description text alignment
  • Fix loading dice from a character sheet

Version 0.7.1

  • Fix bug with editing force powers

Version 0.7.0 - Blaster Fire

  • Api upgrade for performance and stability
  • Improve site render performance
  • Add new character list actions
  • Add force powers to character sheet
  • Dice history pagination fixes
  • Fix bug with Google login